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Volume: 07.22.2023

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unScript.ai: Bangalore-based AI Video Creation Platform Created by IITKGP Alumna Receives New Angel Funding

IITKGP Alumna Ritwika Chowdhury (2019/B.Tech+M.Tech/EC/SN-IG) along with Apurv Jain (2016/B.Tech+M.Tech/MME) founded the startup unSCRIPT.ai in 2021. It offers a browser-based studio to create personalized video campaigns and its features include creating video messages with the face and voice of social media influencers. Ritwika is quoted as saying that, “With Unscript, brands no longer need to keep on producing videos. Instead they can re-purpose previously shot videos using the power of AI to launch new campaigns, launch new products, or send personalized video messages and recommendations to each and every consumer." unSCRIPT.ai recently raised $1.25 million in the latest funding round led by Exfinity Venture Partners.

Sneha Biswas’ Startup “Early Steps Academy” is Revolutionizing What and How Students Learn in the 21st Century 

Sneha Biswas, an IITKGP (B.Tech/2010) and Harvard Business School graduate values experential learning. She credits the 200+ awards that she won in debates and international competitions to her mother's push to make her read books, follow the news, and frequently talk in front of people in different situations. As an engineering student at IIT Kharagpur and working in countries across the world, Sneha noted that academic excellence alone could only take one “so far.” Biswas saw this problem and wanted to make education more relevant and engaging. So, she quit her high-paying consultancy job in the US to build her own education tech startup based in Bangalore, Early Steps Academy. Early Steps Academy offers 1000+ subjects in areas like space, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, climate, and finance, on which structured thinking and effective communication are developed. In November 2021, Early Steps Academy raised $1.2 million seed capital from BEENEXT, Whiteboard Capital and Taurus Ventures. The startup is also among the 15 startups in the first cohort of Sequoia Spark, a $100,000 equity-free grant and mentorship program in India.

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