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Volume: 08.26.2023

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Recognizing Faculty Excellence: Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Research Centers

In an initiative to recognize faculty excellence at all levels, IITKGPF (USA) is supporting a number of Endowed Chairs and Professorships at IIT Kharagpur. In most world class universities, endowed chairs and professorships are the highest honor that can be bestowed on a faculty member. Endowing a chair is one of the most effective means of attracting and nurturing outstanding scholars—and retaining top faculty, who are often pursued by other universities.  Endowed chairs allow faculty members to acquire critical research equipment, hire postdocs or research assistants, incentivize them to spend time on research, invite faculty experts, or travel to a conference not supported by existing grants or the institution. Endowed Centers of Research Excellence similarly provide flexible resources in areas of excellence that could have a transformative impact on the research in a domain. Privately endowed centers at IITKGP can go towards bolstering faculty, allowing IITKGP to be more independent in its research enterprise, offer better programs, and in some instances receive government match for private funding IITKGP receives.

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Supporting  IITKGP Students for Summer International Research Experiences 

In collaboration with IITKGPF (USA), IIT Kharagpur has awarded Summer International Research Scholarships to more than 20 students in 2023.  This is the 2nd year that this Scholarship has supported the IITKGP students to carry out their research internship in foreign universities. A selection committee of IITKGP faculty/staff and alumni select the students. Each conferred scholarship depends upon the funding received by the student from their host institutions. The scholars completed their research internships at premier universities in the USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, and Germany. Join othe alumni in supporting more students for these International Research Internship Scholarships. 

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Reimagining IITKGP Living: Modernizing Halls 

Living in the halls is an integral part of the IIT Kharagpur experience. Modernizing the halls will help IIT Kharagpur become a more attractive destination for top JEE rankers and will influence the reputation of the institute positively. The rooms in many of the older halls are in bad shape and do not reflect the image of a world class institution that IITKGP is striving to achieve.  Your support can help modernize IIT Kharagpur halls by providing amenities such as a state of the art kitchen, updated dorm rooms, an updated kitchen with new appliances, etc. that are appropriate for IITians of the 2020s while retaining the charm and characteristics of yore. The budgets allocated to maintenance from the government are minuscule and thus the need for private support that is directly spent on updating the halls. You can have your hall room at IIT Kharagpur named after you for perpetuity and modernize its infrastructure by giving back to the "Own Your Hall Room" campaign. 

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Building Spaces on Campus to Nurture Well being: Departmental Student Activities Centers

The first Students' Activity Centre ("IIT Gupshup Pavillion") was inaugurated in December 2022 and is located in the Department of Agricultural & Food Engineering. This architecturally unique center with an abundance of natural light and fresh air serves as a place for students to collaborate and relax while enjoying a cup of tea.  The ambition of the student activity centre is to provide a productive and informal after-class experience for each department at IITKGP.

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