Story of How a Group of 1968 Batch Nehruites Decided to Give Back


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Story of How a Group of 1968 Batch Nehruites Decided to Give Back

One of the positive benefits of the shutdown resulting from Covid pandemic was an increase in Zoom video meetings among far flung friends and family members. It was during one such meeting in 2020 among IIT Kharagpur friends from the 1968 batch residing in Nehru Hall C-Top Middle Wing that a thought came across to us. Our long-lasting friendships were a result of years of living together in Nehru Hall that had brought us together, and that it was time to give something back to Nehru Hall in return.

We contacted the IITKGP Foundation and they got us in touch with Nehru Hall student body president. He provided cost information on several items including refurbishing the Hall Gym and renovating the bicycle shed among others. While we were deciding which specific project or projects to support, we became aware of an organized effort spearheaded by Mr. Ron Gupta for renovating the Nehru Hall. Our group readily decided to join this effort. We raised equivalent of US $141,000 to jump start the renovation of the A-Block. That was enough to renovate all the rooms in the A-Block, the warden’s office, and the corridor. The leftover money was then spent on renovating rooms in the B-Block. Our group was not happy that our C-Top Middle Wing rooms were not yet included for renovation. So, we agreed among ourselves to raise an additional amount equivalent to approximately US $47,000 to complete the renovation of the C-Top Middle Wing. The renovations are underway for that wing.

It has been a joy and pleasure to give back to the institution and our Hall of residence from which we gained so many fond memories, friendships, education, and a new perspective on life as young adults. We urge every Nehruite to contribute as an individual or collectively as a part of a group towards this worthwhile effort for complete renovation of our beloved Nehru Hall to benefit future generation of engineers, scholars, leaders, and entrepreneurs. No amount is too little as every contribution is important. And yes, you will feel the joy and satisfaction of doing something worthwhile as we did.

Your fellow Nehruites from the 1968 Batch,

Pratul Ajmera, Santanu Basu, Munir Cheryan, Alvito DeSouza, Kalyan Dutta, Prasad Menon, Anjan Raichaudhuri, Shrigopal Rajgarhia, Kiranjit Rana, Mahesh Seth and Zaheer Shah

1968 C-Top Middle Group


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