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Volume: 10.07.2023

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Latest News about Innovations from IIT Kharagpur

IITKGP’s  electrical engineering professor Aurobinda Routray has come up with ways to check the alertness of train locomotive pilots, both before and while they are at the wheel. According to the professor, the device uses a camera to capture images of the locomotive pilot’s face to compute a metric of drowsiness by observing the dynamics of eyelid motion. Source
IITKGP is developing a mechanized coffee harvester that can cut labor requirements by half. It can reduce labor dependence by about 50-60% per Coffee Board CEO and Secretary, K G Jagadeesha. Mr. Jagadeesha said the prototype of the harvesting machine is customized to the Indian conditions. In India, coffee is largely shade grown in hilly terrains, where mechanizing the operations has been a challenge, so far. Source

IITKGP is developing a tamper-proof signaling system based on blockchain technology for the Indian Railways. Embedded with enhanced data integrity and safety measures, the blockchain mechanism would complement the existing Data Logger which is considered the ‘Black Box’ of rolling stock. According to Professor Aurobinda Routray who is lead scientist on this project, blockchain is a system of recording information which cannot be tampered, hacked or manipulated. The technology is widely used in cryptocurrency and banking transactions. Source

India’s First Space-Technology Fest: The National Students’ Space Challenge 2023 held at IIT Kharagpur aims to explore the space beyond.  It is hosted by the Space Technology Students' Society, or spAts, an official student body under the Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell, IIT Kharagpur. Established in 2008 by a small group of young and ambitious undergraduate students, spAts had humble beginnings. Since its inception, the society has seen multiple changes. From what used to be a regular space discussion forum, spAts evolved into a professionally run society that hosts many events, along with the first and largest space technology fest in India, the National Students' Space Challenge.

The National Students' Space Challenge (NSSC) is the centrepiece of spAts. As the name suggests, NSSC is a national-level fest dedicated solely towards space and space technology. The fest began in 2011 when the society decided to independently host a fest to provide a platform to the aspiring engineers and scientists of India who were waiting for an opportunity to showcase their talents. In its inaugural year, NSSC had just one event: Liftoff. The event, a competition to build the best water rocket with given specifications, spoke to the hearts of space enthusiasts and remained the fest's highlight after 11 long years. Various other events, such as autonomous and manual bot-making, space quizzes, case studies and astrophotography, have been added over the years. Besides the events, the National Students' Space Challenge is famous for its supremely successful guest lectures, exhibitions and workshops. For more information

Hall Renovations are Underway

Hall renovations are underway for the following 8 halls: Nehru Hall, Azad Hall, Patel Hall, VS Hall, LLR Hall, SN/IG , RP Hall, RK Hall.

If YOU would like to lead or be a part of your hall renovation team contact us.

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