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IITKGP Ka Tempo Kahan Hai?

Last week Times of India reported that “In a groundbreaking move, the Class of 1998 from IIT Bombay has pledged a record-breaking Rs. 57 crores (nearly $7 million) .. to propel key academic projects and shape the research landscape at IIT Bombay.” Similarly IIT Madras announced that it raised nearly $230 million in alumni and corporate donations to support “interdisciplinary centers of excellence” at IIT Madras. 

As the first IIT established in independent India, IIT Kharagpur has more than 73,000 alumni of which more than 50,000 are spread across the Globe. We at the IITKGP Foundation (USA) have more than 14,500 registered alumni in our database who are also reached by this newsletter. Imagine if each of the 14,500 alumni gave just $250 today, we could raise nearly $3.6 million by the end of 2023. This would still not be close to the effort from IIT Bombay’s class of 1998, but it will be a great start to our goal to support IITKGP and continue to help it sustain itself as a top ranked world class engineering institution. Imagine if all 73,000 alumni gave a few dollars each… 

It only takes 3 minutes of your time; Click the donate button below and choose the amount you can donate and pay with a credit card. EACH DOLLAR DONATED will provide IITKGP the flexibility to support its efforts in expanding housing for PhD students, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, building a quality guest house for visiting alumni and faculty, supporting innovative research and development projects, providing scholarships to support student with less means (IITKGP tuition today is at $1.5 lakh per annum plus housing), and attract top faculty with chaired professorships. This is just a short list of the implications of building a large endowment. 

None of this is viable without your support. Give before the end of the year and double the impact of your donation by also getting a tax break. 

Announcements and Events

Dear IIT Alumni,

I am Ravi Sankar Chandu, President, Society for Engineering Education India. More details can be had at www.see-india.in

SEE-India strives to enhance quality of teaching & learning in engineering class-rooms and offers workshops for engineering faculty, organizes conferences and seminars and recognizes contributions to the quality of engineering educations from Individuals and Institutions through SEE-India awards.

In 2025, we plan to organize an international conference on Engineering Education to showcase IIT's Education as well as on Issues relevant to the advancement of quality, ranking, internationalization processes. We wish to build an International platform for Indian Engineering Educators. We also wish to establish Five International awards.

Being a very small not for profit organization, we invite support for the conference/International awards from IIT Alumni in terms of sponsorships for the conference, National/International Awards (for Individuals/Institutions mostly from IITs/NITs/IIITs/Government and Self-financed Engineering Colleges). I invite all the IIT Alumni organizations, PANIIT Alumni to consider supporting this project so that the conference can be organized efficiently and the SEE-India International awards are presented year after year.

Please do share this among IIT Alumni living in India/Abroad so that interested Alumni can support/sponsor the awards and or Conference or Donate to support our faculty development outreach programs.

I look forward to interact with you and in case, if you have any queries, please call me at 0091-9014451261. 

Invest in Education, Invest in the Future

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