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Volume: 4.06.2024

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Education plays a vital role in everyone's life. As we move into an AI-enabled future, our alma mater is in the process of reinventing itself both in terms of the educational program it provides and the infrastructure it needs for this future. Take a moment to read the following stories and consider supporting an initiative that can help IITKGP prepare the technology leaders of tomorrow.   

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." —Malcolm X

"Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world." - Elon Musk

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IITKGP is Introducing Big Changes in Curriculum

IITKGP has announced that it is introducing major curriculum reforms for undergraduate students from the academic year 2024-25, in keeping with the spirit of India’s National Educational Policy (NEP). The changes, which intend to give greater freedom to students, include abolishing the degree switching option at the end of first year and starting of the ‘double major’ system under which, for example, a B.tech student can also earn a degree in economics.

According to an IITKGP news release, “Admission to all undergraduate programs will be for four-year B.tech and B.S. levels only. Students will get an opportunity to opt for the five-year dual degree programmes after the second or third year of their study… Students can choose a five-year dual degree programme in his/her parent department or he/she can also choose the Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Programmes offered by several schools and centers of the institute.” This will create interesting possibilities, such as combining B.S. (hons.) in Economics with M.tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, or a B. tech (hons.) in Civil Engineering with M.tech in Financial Engineering, and so on. Also, the branch change option at the end of the first year for UG students admitted through JEE (Advanced) is being abolished. IITKGP representatives stated that “[t]his is done to reduce the level of stress some students undergo to secure higher grades for branch change and availability of the option. Less than 10% of the students manage to change their branch every year, leaving the remaining 90% dejected who undergo depression, [which] sometimes results in serious mental health issues and poor performance in subsequent semesters.”

Furthermore, akin to the undergraduate degree options available in the USA, IITKGP students would now have the option of earning a Double Major along with the B.tech (hons.) or B.S (hons.) degree. “For example, a student pursuing B.tech (hons.) in Mechanical Engineering can opt for a Double Major in Economics, or a student pursuing B.S. (hons.) in Physics can opt for a Double Major in Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering or Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.”

IIT Kharagpur’s Department of Architecture Earns Top Ranking in 2024 IIRF List

Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF) has recently released its 2024 Ranking for top architecture colleges in India. This ranking is based on factors such as academic excellence, faculty expertise, and diverse opportunities for aspiring architects in government and private institutions.  

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