USA Alumni Clock Tower--An Eternal Gift to KGP!

Dear Reader,
We hope you have been well!

Construction is underway on the IIT Kharagpur USA Alumni Clock Tower and we need your help to ensure its completion!

The architectural and engineering consultants for the tower are Indra Mohan Asthana (KGP, Arch, '59), Rajat Subhra Banerjee (KGP, '81), and Bhavesh Dixit (KGP, '81) of Kolkata. Construction will be performed by Kashish Builders of Kharagpur. Design input has also been provided by Prof. Joy Sen (KGP, Arch, '85) and Rishi Bamania of the IITKGP Architecture Department. The tower was inaugurated by Director Partha Chakrabarti. Click below to see pictures of the event.




We greatly appreciate the generosity of alumni who have already donated close to $65,000 (we have a goal of $90,000) towards the building of this monument. All donors' names will be engraved on a plaque at the base of the tower and receive a small replica of the finished tower as a keepsake.

If you have not already contributed, use the below buttons to make a donation. Make your name an eternal part of the KGP campus that you love so much!

Thank you,

Your IIT Kharagpur Foundation of USA

Ron Gupta (1970, Nehru)

Pankaj Mathur (1993, RK)

Atal Agarwal (2017, RK)



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