$550,000 raised by IIT-KGP Alumni for Alumni get together




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The 16th Annual Alumni Meet was held at IIT-Kharagpur last weekend (January 11-13, 2019). The alumni of the 1969, 1979, 1994 and 1997 gave back nearly 3.6 crore (approximately $550,000) to the Institute. In next week's newsletter we will have pictures from the Alumni Meet.

Below you will find more details on the donations made and also alumni honored for their contributions to KGP during the meet.




January 18-20, 2019: Kshitij

January 19-20, 2019: PanIIT Conclave 2019

January 25-27, 2019: IIT Kharagpur 2019 Spring Fest

January 28, 2019: Avinash Gupta Professor Chair Symposium in Healthcare



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IIT KGP Alumni gift Rs. 3.6 crores to weekend alumni meet

Giving back at the annual alumni meet is a ritual at IIT Kharagpur, that has a strong alumni base spread across the world.

Spring Fest 2019-Be a part of its success and give back!

The authorities of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur are busy with making preparations for the 60th edition of their annual event, Spring Fest.

IIT-KGP honours 10 alumni for contribution to institute

Ten alumni of the IIT-Kharagpur were honoured for their contribution to the institute for facilitating global networking and reach, leading collaborative projects and other activities at the 16th Annual Alumni Meet.

Upcoming Events for IIT-KGP

January 18-20, 2019: Kshitij
January 19-20, 2019: PanIIT Conclave 2019 January 25-27, 2019: IIT Kharagpur 2019 Spring Fest
January 28, 2019: Avinash Gupta Professor Chair Symposium in Healthcare

Uber appoints Pavan Vaish ('90) as Head of Central Operations

Uber announced the appointment of IIT-Kharagpur alumnus Pavan Vaish ('90) as the new head of central operations. Vaish was CEO of Daksh e-services--one of the most successful services acquistions in IBM's history.

IITKGP Foundation USA campaign to build Alumni Clocktower has raised $85,000, we need $5,000 more

We need your help to meet our goal! Give back to help build the USA Alumni Clocktower at KGP!

Axis Bank to hire veteran banker Pralay Mondal ('87)

Axis Bank, under the new leadership of Amitabh Chaudhry, has begun the process of strengthening its top deck by bringing in Yes Bank's veteran retail banker Pralay Mondal ('87).

IIT-Kharagpur to take their feats to global shores, first stop London next year

IIT-Kharagpur will organize an expo in London next year to showcase its tech excellence. Starting from 2020, the oldest and biggest IIT in the country, will take its achievements to the world once every two years.

SandHI Center for the Ancient, New and the Developing Arts (SandHI)

An IIT Kharagpur initiative towards rediscovering the classical arts of India. Join us to make this initiative a success!

IIT Kharagpur to launch 6-month Artificial Intelligence course

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur will launch a six-month Artificial Intelligence (AI) course at three centres in the country, a top official of the institute said Thursday.

Learn-Earn-Return--An IIT KGP initiative for future generations of KGPians

The 'Learn-Earn-Return' initiative aims to raise funding to create a financial support system for students and develop a culture of giving back to sustain the initiative.

IIT-Kharagpur invites entries for entrepreneurship meet

To promote entrepreneurship and generate job opportunities, three-day 'Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)--2019' will be held at IIT-Kharagpur from February 1.

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