Happy Diwali and IIT-KGP Illumination 2k19






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The Alumni Clock Tower decked out in Diwali lights saying Happy Diwali to the KGP Campus...



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November 7-8, 2019: International Conference on Ship and Offshore Technology--India 2019

November 8-10, 2019: Young Innovators Program Finals at IIT-KGP

November 17, 2019: Bay Area PanIIT-Diwali Dhamaka 2019

November 22-25, 2019: 85th Annual Conference of Indian Mathematical Society

December 14-22, 2019: 54th Inter IIT Sports Meet hosted by IIT-Kharagpur

December 17-20, 2019: International Conference on The Physics of Semiconductor Devices

January 10-12, 2020: 17th Annual Alumni Meet, honoring the 1980 and 1995 batch years (Registration now open!)

The Golden 2020 Reunion for 1970 Batch will be held January 24-26, 2020

January 17-19, 2020: Techno-Management Festival (Kshitij)

January 24-26, 2020: Golden 2020 Reunion for 1970 Batch

January 24-26, 2020: Spring Fest

January 25, 2020: KGP Alumni Clock Tower Dedication Ceremonies

January 25, 2020: Class of 1970 ADDA Dedication

If you have an event you would like to add to the calendar, please send an email with details to info@iitkgpfoundation.org.



It's Illumination Time

Walking down the halls of residence at the IIT Kharagpur campus during the Diwali festival one would come across giant bamboo structures and busy students tying earthen lamps (diyaas) to them in patterns.

IIT Kharagpur has a new DIY laboratory set to become the best playground for would-be scientists

IIT Kharagpur is ready with the DIY Laboratory to inculcate innovation spirit among the first-year undergraduate students through the concept of Do-It-Yourself.

Alumni Clock Tower structure built--see the photos and hear the chimes!

The Alumni Clock Tower at IIT Kharagpur is now completed and the donor plaque is being prepared--now students have no excuse for being late to class!

Ankur Jain ('07) awarded Packard Foundation Fellowship

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has announced that Ankur Jain ('07), Whitehead Institute member and assistant professor of biology at MIT, has been named a Packard Fellow for Science and Engineering.

Richard D'Souza ('71) awarded The Blakely Smith Medal for Accomplishment in Ocean Engineering

IIT-KGP alumnus Richard D'Souza ('71) will receive The Blakely Smith Medal for Outstanding Accomplishment in Ocean Engineering. D'Souza's entire 41-year career was devoted to the Offshore Industry.

SandHI Center for the Ancient, New and the Developing Arts (SandHI)

An IIT Kharagpur initiative towards rediscovering the classical arts of India. Join us to make this initiative a success!

IIT-KGP and MIT collaborate on study for integrating brownfield sites of India into the urban fabric

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is geared up to bolster Professional Partnerships, expand Study Abroad Programs and initiate Research Collaborations with select Global universities.

An interview with Mr. Tapas Kumar Sensarma, Secretary to the Director, IIT Kharagpur

"I was a naïve, confused 21-year old when I joined IIT Kharagpur in 1982 through an open advertisement. Having appeared for a three-step test which included written, typing and interview...

Electrosoft CEO Sarbari Gupta ('86) prefers hands-on leadership

Founded in 2001, Reston-based Electrosoft Services Inc. has grown its revenue from just over $6 million in 2016 to more than $12.5 million last year, while growing its staff from a team of 50 in 2016 to 95 this year.

Upcoming Events for IIT-KGP

January 10-12, 2020: 17th Annual Alumni Meet (inviting the 1980 and 1995 batch years) (Registration now open!)
January 17-19, 2020: Techno-Management Festival (Kshitij)
January 24-26, 2020: Golden 2020 Reunion for the 1970 Batch

Learn-Earn-Return--An IIT KGP initiative for future generations of KGPians

The 'Learn-Earn-Return' initiative aims to raise funding to create a financial support system for students and develop a culture of giving back to sustain the initiative.

Alumni-funded Professorships and faculty excellence awards helping push frontiers of research

Recruiting, encouraging and retaining talent becomes imperative for the success of an educational institution of the stature of IIT Kharagpur, recognized already as an Institution of Eminence.

IIT-KGP Prof. G.P. Raja Sekhar: Math all around us

"Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Mathematics is all around us, in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives."

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