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We have raised over $225,000 but we still need $775,000 and your help to reach our goal!        








Dear KGPian,

We need your help. You remember the mess-workers, reickshawwallas, dhobis, and other workers around KGP are facing life challenges. Please see the appeal below and donate generously. If you would like a personal call, please write to me at rongupta@aol.com.

KGP ka tempo high hai.

Ron (Ranbir) Gupta, 1970 Arch/NH

President, IIT Kharagpur Foundation Inc.


IITKGP Staff needs your help.

IITKGP now has over 10,000 students. Besides the teaching staff and administrative staff who are on salary, IITKGP is supported by more than 10,000 other staff who get no salary or receive little benefits during the Corona Virus lockdown.

These are the people who have served us for generations such as mess workers, ward boys, gardeners, rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, dhobis, and a whole bunch of other staff who have little protection.

With the lockdown, these people are without an income now. We are raising $1 million to support the staff and villagers nearby for the next six months.

Our trustees have already committed over $100,000. We need your help to donate generously to this worthy cause. These people need help and they need it now. We, the IITKGP Foundation, will be sending the money to IIT KGP every week. They have formed a committee of esteemed professors to help these people in need.


Thank you to our donors that have already generously donated to this fund!


1959-Puran Dang

1961-Brij Kar, Anonymous Donor

1962-Sohan Singh Bahl

1966-Abraham Thomas

1967-Vinod Gupta, Probal Sanyal, Anonymous Donor

1968-Anonymous Donor

1969-Daljeet Singh, Krishen Mehta

1970-Ranbir (Ron) Gupta, Arjun Malhotra, Jayashree Saha, Samaresh Mohanta, Venkataraman Sundaram, Surender Makhija, Anil Luthra, Nansen D'Sa, Anonymous Donor

1971-Surajit Dasgupta

1973-Harjinder Singh, Alok Chatterjee

1974-Sanjay Deshmukh

1976-Subhashis Mallick, Omprakash Madria

1977-Soumitra Bhattacharya, Anonymous Donor

1979-Rakesh Asthana

1981-Deepak Khazanchi, Prabhas Panigrahi

1983-Aloke Das

1984-Babu Turumella, Sujit Sengupta

1985-Pramod Bengani, Saikat Nandi, Shyama Mandal, Swapan Majumdar

1986-Rakesh Gupta, Leslie Picardo, Raikanta Sahu, Somnath Banik

1987-Diganta Das, Partha Chatterjee

1988-Anol Bhattacharjee

1989-Indranil Sanyal, Ashis Roy, Sandeep Pattanayak, Rana Gupta

1990-Diptarka Majumdar, Supratik Bose, Santanu Biswas, Raju Datla, Sudhir Raju, Srinivas Vadde, Amber Roy Chowdhury

1992-Anonymous Donor

1993-Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor

1994-Rajesh Gupta, Raja Shankar

1995-Prabhu Chandrasekhar, Satya D.

1996-Kaushik Bakhandi

1997-Amit Kumar

1998-Praveen Jha, Lokesh Gakhar, Ronojoy Ghosh, Anonymous Donor

1999-Samrat Saha, Dipankar Ghosh, Anonymous Donor

2000-Himanshu Kher, Pankaj Trivedi, Sumit Agarwal

2001-Parag Jain, Santosh Banerjee, Anonymous Donor

2002-Krishna Mogallapu, Ajay Gulati, Varij Saurabh, Abhishek Bose, Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor

2003-Rajarshi Paul, Anonymous Donor

2004-Abhishek Prakash

2005-Suvro Sarkar

2006-Vikas Chandan

2008-Anonymous Donor

2009-Nirav Amlani

2010-Anonymous Donor

2015-Harshyt Goel

2017-Atal Agarwal

N/A-IITKGP Foundation


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Cost Estimate of Support by the IITKGP Alumni for COVID-19





















We need your help urgently!

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