ahihi_collage1622186754910IIT Kharagpur students participate in a leadership talk with KGP alumnus, Dr. Anand Deshpande ('84)

The KGP Chronicle (May 28, 2021)

IIT Kharagpur students have participated in a leadership talk-Second MIC Driven Activity

MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) has conducted a leadership talk (Second MIC Driven Activity of Quarters 3 and 4) with Dr. Anand Deshpande, the founder Chairman and Managing Director of Persistent Systems, where the postgraduate students and research scholars of IIT Kharagpur have participated enthusiastically with effective learning outcome. The discussion has been on the topic “From Ph.D. / Master’s Thesis to a Start-Up”, where Dr. Anand Deshpande has laid emphasis on promoting innovation and entrepreneurial concepts in students.

 “Nearly about 1 million students graduate every year. Among them, 6% are into Masters and among these 6% students, few venture into Research. A very few students have that huge passion for research and converting their research problem into an entrepreneurial venture”, said Prof Anil D Sahasrabudhe, Professor of Mechanical Department at IIT Guwahati, also the present Chairman of AICTE.

This session has been conducted mainly to motivate, encourage, inspire and nurture the students who have come out of Masters and Ph.D. program, make them to think about the entrepreneurship as well as to support them to work on new ideas & innovations and promote them to create startup.

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