sri-bandyopadhyayMarking the upcoming Durga Puja, 'Bandy the Singing Professor', performs his created song

Information shared by Sri Bandyopadhyay (September 29, 2021)

You can contact Sri at: singingprofessor@gmail.com

With Durga Puja being celebrated October 11-15, 2021, 'Bandy the Singing Professor' wanted his fellow KGPians and friends to enjoy his created, sung, and Kolkata studio recorded song, 'Jogonmoyee Durga Eso Ma' (meaning 'World Mother Durga-Please Come'). Listen to 'Jogonmoyee Durga Eso Ma' by clicking here.

An article was published by the US-based Cultural Association of Bengal in January 2000 which highlighted Sri's joint research and singing career--we may provide this in a coming version of our IITKGP Foundation newsletter.

Also, Sri had his Bengali song book published in 1994, 'Songeet Monjori', which features 42 songs created by him that have been sung around the world!

The song book is listed in the Australian National Library. You can view the cover of the book and its ISBN number in this article.


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