sri-bandyopadhyay'Bandy the Singing Professor' creates songs for renowned cricketers

Information provided by Sri Bandyopadhyay ('68)

Sri Bandyopadhyay ('68), AKA 'Bandy the Singing Professor', who has entertained audiences with his musical talents for many years, would like to share two songs that he has written for cricketers, Sunil Gavaskar and Sourav Ganguly.



Sourav's song was written and sung in Bengali by Sri as 'Amader Sourav Ganguly' (Our Sourav Ganguly). The song was first studio recorded by Sri around 2000 in his family CD 'Kothai bole matir taan' (we say home-land is attractive)--with Sri's wife Mrs. Sonali and two of his daughters (Rakhi & Srijata) repeatedly singing the chorus line 'Amader Sourav Ganguly'. The 'Sourav Ganguly' song was selectively placed in MP3 Australia website between 2000 to 2012, which led to October 2002 'The Statesman' newspaper article "NRI professor's ode to Sourav" (Read the article). Sri was invited by Sourav's father Mr Chandi Ganguly around 2002 to visit them at their home in Behala, Kolkata--where a photo was taken of Sri with Sourav and his father (View the photo here). You can listen to the 'Amader Sourav Ganguly' song here. In 2007 Raga Music Company of Kolkata released that CD as 'Matir Taan' (RCD 705), which was highly appreciated by Sourav's father Mr Chandi Ganguly (See the Cover).



Sri Bandy also composed and sang/studio recorded a Hindi song on Sunil Gavaskar titled, 'Idhar dekha, udhar dekha, dekha andar aur bahar-dekha jagme sabse achchha cricketer Sunil Gavaskar' and sent the CD to Mr. Gavaskar. Mr. Gavaskar sent Sri an acknowledgment email in appreciation of the song (Read the email). You can listen to the song here.



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