add-a-little-bit-of-body-textIIT-KGP's unsung heroes need your help--please donate now!

IITKGP Foundation (January 2021)

IITKGP Staff needs your help.

IITKGP now has over 10,000 students. Besides the teaching staff and administrative staff who are on salary, IITKGP is supported by more than 10,000 other staff who get no salary or receive little benefits during the Corona Virus lockdown.

These are the people who have served us for generations such as mess workers, ward boys, gardeners, rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, dhobis, and a whole bunch of other staff who have little protection.

With the lockdown, these people are without an income now. We are raising $1 million to support the staff and villagers nearby for the next six months.

Our trustees have already committed over $100,000. We need your help to donate generously to this worthy cause. These people need your help and they need it now. We, the IITKGP Foundation, will be sending the money to IIT KGP every week. We need your help urgently! Use the below link to make a donation. Read more about this campaign and check out the latest video of distributions.