Only $25/month can help the KGP campus staff that helped you so much. $355K raised, $645K to go.








The IITKGP Foundation US has raised $330,000, additionally, IIT-Kharagpur has received INR 19 Lakhs in donations directly; leaving a remaining target of about $645,000!

Thank you to the generous donors that have already given back to this critical campaign! Click the below button to be taken to the latest list.  




The first phase of this effort was just completed successfully. All workers were very grateful for the support received. The second phase is set to begin this week. We will make sure to share new photos and videos when they become available. Below is a video that was taken during the first phase of distributions.








Dear Alumni,

All of you remember the so-called Non-commissioned essentials (Army term) who made our life possible at Kgp. The mess workers, the rickshaw wallahs, etc. Since most of them were migrant workers, with the present lockdown they have nowhere to go and do not receive government benefits. We at the Foundation, listening to the request from the IIT Director, have decided to try and help them overcome this problem. This money will give each family Rs 1000 per month for food and Rs 200 per month for soap, etc. As you can see this is a very small amount but it will give them some major relief. The present amount assumes we need to support them for the next 6 months. Please do open your hearts and help in this.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Arjun Malhotra



Director V.K. Tewari has penned a thank you letter to the alumni to express his gratitude for their support of KGP's Unsung Heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 







Committee for IITKGP Alumni COVID-19 Fund

Cost Estimate of Support by the IITKGP Alumni for COVID-19                                                                                                                                                       


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