Alumnus Arjun Malhotra will match your donation for SandHI Center

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Alumnus Arjun Malhotra (ECE, 1970) has committed that he will match all donations received until 31st March 2018 up to Rs 50,00,000 (50 Lakhs or approximately $80,000) towards the creation of the Science and Heritage Initiative (SandHI) at IIT Kharagpur. His batchmates from the 1970 batch have already donated nearly Rs 10 Lakhs towards this initiative, so we need a little over Rs 40 Lakhs more to make sure we can get the matching grant.

Many of you are aware of the good work that is being done by SPIC-MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth) in India. This is being run only with volunteers since 1980 by Kiran Seth (Mech, 1970). Last year they did 5,144 free events including concerts and Lecture-Demonstrations in school and colleges in 436 cities throughout India. Any student who graduated in the 1980s and later would be aware of this and I am sure many of them have enjoyed these events on their campus.

Malhotra was talking to Kiran and they were worried about the continuation of this legacy over time. At the same time they talked to PPC, the Director at IIT Kharagpur, and he too felt that it would really help students on campus if they had access to these arts and that it would be interesting for IIT to do some scientific research into their heritage in this area. While our music and yoga, etc. are recognized all over the world, there is a lot more information on our heritage coming out and some scientific research into this would really help.

Combining these ideas we decided it would be very useful to have a Science and Heritage Initiative (SandHI) at IIT Kharagpur. This would operate like any of the independent Centers on campus and would study, preserve, and encourage learning, etc. in the classical arts and music as well as folk arts and music like Bauls in Bengal, etc.

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To make a donation in India, follow the below link:

Make a SandHI Donation in India

To take a closer look at this initiative, check out the SandHI project page!




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