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IIT Kharagpur Foundation (USA) NEWSLETTER                                 Volume: 12.31.2022

Dear Reader,   

Indian taxpayers spend $20,000 for your undergraduate education. Your alma mater could use your tax deductible contribution.

Give back now and start the New Year Right in 2023!


Going to IITKGP? Use a Toto to Tour the Campus

The toto, an electric auto rickshaw designed by IIT Kharagpur students, is available on campus for tours. The IITKGP Alumni office is happy to organize a toto tour of the campus during your visit to IITKGP.

Alumni office contacts

IIT Kharagpur Announces 2022 Distinguished Alumnus Awards

IIT Kharagpur announced the Distinguished Alumnus Awards (DAA) for the year 2022. The DAA is given "to recognize and celebrate the phenomenal success of the Alumnus/Alumna who has excelled in his/her professional career and at the same time made a significant impact on nation-building."  A number of alumni from North America have been named for this prestigious award.

These distinguished alums made a significant impact in their professions and have continued to support IITKGP because they are passionate about sustaining and nurturing the next generation of KGPians!  Giving back to IITKGP may mean different things to different people. To some, it may be giving time, resources, and donations and to others it may be just maintaining an association with IITKGP. Please stay engaged and accept our heartfelt gratitude for your contributions this year and those that you will make in the future. Regardless of how much you can do, one thing is certain; the world and IITKGP is a better place when we all give!

PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING to IITKGP because you can and because of your love for the alma mater that gave you the foundations to become who you are today!  Donations to the IITKGP Foundation (USA) will continue to support hall renovations, scholarships, research internships, chaired professorships, research centers, and new initiatives.

Give back now and start the New Year Right in 2023!

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Meenakshi Khazanchi

Executive Director

IIT KGP Foundation

E: meenakshi@iitkgpfoundation.org


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