The Ties that Bind: How IITKGP Alumni are Engaging and Making a Difference


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Volume: 02.25.2023

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“At the end of the day, it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished. It's about what you've done with those accomplishments. It’s about who you've lifted up, who you've made better. It’s about what you've given back"

― Denzel Washington, A Hand to Guide Me

The Ties that Bind: How IITKGP Alumni are Engaging and Making a Difference

IIT KGP Alumni from 1996 and 1998 batches have stepped up to make a difference on the KGP campus. This week's stories highlight how these batches are working to raise funds, engage with each other and make a difference on the IIT KGP campus. We call upon you and your batchmates to explore ways to make an impact on your alma mater.

We always look forward to hearing about your entrepreneurial journeys as well. Write to us at meenakshi@iitkgpfoundation.org.



1996 Batch IITKGP Alumni Meet 

After two years of Covid, the on-campus reunion of the 1996 IITKGP batch was a successful event organized by the Alumni cell. Almost 150 alumni, along with their partners, recently visited IIT Kharagpur from 9th to 12th February 2023 to celebrate 25 years since graduation which they had missed due to COVID. The 1996 IITKGP Batch was led by Mithuna Thottethodi in collaboration with a number of other alums and has been instrumental in raising nearly $70K in donations to the IITKGP Foundation (USA) and continues to generate support for projects by the batch on the IITKGP campus. The 1996 Batch’s efforts exemplify what other IITKGP batches can do to support the development and prestige of the IITKGP campus.

1998 Batch Give Back Campaign

The 1998 Batch is gearing up for its 25th-anniversary celebration this year. Koushik Das, Sadiq Shaik, and Suranjan Ghosh are leading the charge to get the 1998 batch alumni to “give back” with a campaign that has recently started. In establishing this campaign, their thought is that while celebrating 25 years since graduation from IITKGP, alums have an “opportunity to pay what we got, forward to future generations” by creating a legacy for  IIT KGP to remain one of the best technology institutes globally. 


Congratulations to all the 2022 IITKGP “Young Alumni Achiever” Awardees!

If you are inspired by the work of the 1996 and 1998 batches, consider reaching out to one of the IITKGP batch champions listed below. If your batch is missing from this list or you want to be a co-leader, join us to champion your IITKGP batch to raise funds for a “batch endowment.”

Batch Leader List
Year Name
1961 Om Prakash Khanna
1962 Anupam Goyal, Vinod Gupta
1963 Amal Kanti Biswas
1964 Lalit Bahl
1965 R.N Mukhija, Kirthan Bihari Behera
1966 Rajendra Kumar Bagrodia
1967 Vinod Gupta
1968 Prasad Menon
1969 Pronob Guha, Ramnath Mani
1970 Arjun Malhotra, Ron Gupta

Sunanda Sengupta

1972 Sandeep Mani (Goel)
1974 SV Mani (Prof), Manojit Sinha
1975 Alok Upadhyay, Yatindra Pal Singh Suri, Hemchandra M Shertukde
1976 Satyen Mukherjee, Anjan Sen
1977 Debasish Kumar Chattopadhyay
1978 Tathagata Sengupta
1979 Rakesh Agarwal, V K Jaitly
1980 Pradhyut Mitra
1981 Desmond Anthony D'Souza
1982 Sheikh Ashfaque Ali
1983 Shahnaz Bathul
1984 Amit Patra, Anand Deshpande
1985 Probodh Mallick
1986 Mitrajit Mukherjee
1987 Bimal Kumar Patwari
1988 Ashish Law
1989 Ravin Chanchani
1990 Satyajeet Dodia
1991 Manish Bhandari
1992 Saligram Nanjappa Rajesh, Kant C Patel, Joydeep Sensarma 
1993 Pankay Mathur
1994 Vijay Krishna
1996 Mithuna Thottethodi, Om Prakash Arora
1997 Ananadaroop Bhattacharya, Parijat Ghosh
1998 Sadiq Shaik, Koushik K Das, Suranjan Ghosh
1999 Shiladitya Basu
2004 Vikas Bansal

Once funds are raised, your batch can decide how to direct the funds to projects that in your view would make the most impact on the  IITKGP campus. Contact meenakshi@iitkgpfoundaiton.org with your ideas or just to discuss how to proceed. 

We call upon you to make small contributions to research and students!



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