February 10, 2023

IIT KGP Foundation USA Grants and Scholarships — Making a Gift, Making a Difference

IITKGP Foundation 

In 2022, the IIT KGP Foundation USA awarded scholarships to thirteen students to pursue research and industrial projects. The scope of the scholarships had a worldwide scope with students including USA, France, Germany, UK, Singapore, Israel, Switzerland. The scholarship valued at $4000 facilitated the students to intern with some of the top global institutions around the world. Read More


Additionally, the Foundation supported several collaborative research projects of graduate students, again with a global scope in the USA, Canada and Singapore. Grant recipients worked on research problems encompassing healthcare diagnostics, sustainable engineering and built environment and robotic and algorithmic efficiency and performance. 


Mahil Shaik Hussain worked at the University of Quebec on the importance of different cough phases for COVID-19 detection. Suchismita Nayak work at Arizona State University encompassed a review of synthetic population generation software (PopGen) applications in the US and the development of a synthetic population application for India. Apoorva Vashisht focused on increasing the efficiency and performance of existing state-of-the-art algorithms and robotic applications. 


IIT KGP Foundation USA is committed to supporting the brilliance at IIT KGP. With your generous contribution we have entered the fifth year of this program and are ready for the CY 2023 #LearnEarnReturn.