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Volume: 03.04.2023

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“The moment you inject information, education, and an entrepreneurial spark in a community, it gets empowered enough to inspire, build, and uplift itself.” 
― Sharad Vivek Sagar


Regular business aside, what are your usual news consumption habits? We looked through some news beats that might interest you — Politics, Sports, and Food. Recently graduated Kgpians have set their professional and entrepreneurial goals to make a social impact in these areas. 

Would you like to inspire more young Kgpiians to pursue such diverse and dynamic career paths? Connect with us at meenakshi@iitkgpfoundation.org and share your thoughts. Engage with us in our initiative of #LearnEarnReturn to help build the success stories of student Kgpians.



Nawal Agarwal Exploring Social Impact through Good Governance

Nawal Agarwal, who earned a Dual Degree (B.Tech/M.Tech) from IITKGP in Chemical Engineering, has been appointed a senior consultant for “Governance Reforms Department” in the Indian state of Punjab. Agarwal’s new office is in the Governance Cell of the Punjab Secretariat. He aims to create impact at scale and works with various governments closely.

Aditya Goenka is Mad About Sports

India’s sports field is vibrant. The country has been striving to bring in more talent and train them better. Yet we are far from leading in global sporting events. Kgpian Aditya Goenka thinks this challenge has much to do with sports education and the untapped potential of professional management in the Indian sports ecosystem. To address the gap Goenka launched Mad About Sports in 2020.

Gangwal and Godala Create an Eco-Friendly Food Delivery System

Do you wonder what to do with your non-recyclable takeaway food delivery boxes? Kgpians Shashwat Gangwal and Keshav Godala are answering your call for an eco-friendly food delivery system. The duo started InfinityBox, a reusable packaging platform offering an alternative to plastic containers. 

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