Susanta Kumar Gupta Chair Professorship Established at IIT Kharagpur


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Volume: 10.14.2023

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Susanta Kumar Gupta Chair Professorship Established at IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Sarbari Gupta, along with another IITKGP alum, Mr. Ramit Ghosh (1985/EE), recently established the Susanta Kumar Gupta Chair Professorship at IIT Kharagpur. They have donated $106,000 to the IITKGPF (USA) for an endowment to support this professorship at IITKGP. The main objective of the professorship is to offer education and carry out research in the domain of System and Network Security in the IITKGP Departments of Electronics & Electrical Communication (E&ECE) and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). 

Webinar: River Cruises in India (Information from the Consulate General of India, New York)


Webinar Hosted by IITKGP AA in Pune

Development and Commercialization of Medical Technology and Related Ecosystems

Speaker: Dr. Pratap Khanwilkar 

The IIT Kharagpur AA Pune Chapter is pleased to invite you to join the following webinar by one of our own alumni. 

Pratap will outline his 40-yr journey developing and commercializing medical products. The focus will be on breakthrough devices he has developed ranging from long-term implantable heart assist devices and neurostimulators, to orthopedic implant materials and drug delivery platforms. Present initiatives that include the promotion and further development of the Indian Medtech Ecosystem and a related 'moonshot' project will be addressed, as well as the critical success factors for the development and growth of such an ecosystem in India.

Date: Oct 17 | 08:00 PM (IST)

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