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This week we bring you the news about IIT Kharagpur’s success story in graduate earnings in the US, the journey of Kgpian Satinder Singh Rekhi, and about Kgpian-led agri startup helping 2.5 million Indian farmers.

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Kgpian Among the Top Foreign National Earners in the US- Minneapolis Fed

Indian technology schools have emerged as 10 of the top 20 global undergraduate schools and our alma mater shines through. A working paper from the Minneapolis Fed, “The Global Distribution of College Graduate Quality,” reported the elite Indian colleges are the best in the world when it comes to quality of teaching and learning and its impact on graduate earnings in the USA.

R Systems Founded by Kgpian Satinder Singh Rekhi Start New Journey

R Systems, a global technology and analytics services company founded by Kgpian Satinder Singh Rekhi, is being acquired by Blackstone. Rekhi founded R Systems in 1993 in Sacramento, CA with the goal to accelerate his clients’ digital leadership. In 2016, Satinder Singh Rekhi and his wife Harpreet Rekhi set up Rekhi Foundation for Happiness, a non-profit trust in California. The same year, Rekhi endowed the 'Rekhi Center of Excellence for the Science of Happiness’ at IIT Kharagpur.

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Kgpians are Supporting 2.5 Million Indian Farmers

During the pandemic, India's agricultural sector has sustained economic growth and that growth is reflected in an all-time rise in tractor sales. But more than 70% of the farmers own less than one hectare of land with 30-40% lower yield in comparison to developed nations. Two Kgpians are set to address this challenge. Kgpians Tauseef Khan and Nishant Mahatre started Gramophone in 2016, a full-stack intelligent farming platform that guides farmers throughout the crop cycle. The startup claims that farmers can expect a 30-40% net increase in income by using these solutions.

December is the Time to Give.

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