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IIT Kharagpur made us successful. It's time to give back!

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This week we bring you a range of stories about Kgpians, from award-wining films to NECA jurists, from the women of KGP to mental health advocates. 

If you have stories and achievements about your work or your fellow Kgpians, please write to us at meenakshi@iitkgpfoundation.org       

Kgpian Samarth Mahajan Wins National Film Award

“While in IIT Kharagpur, I was studious and wanted a typical internship and a good job. Only when I started working in Kolkata did I realize that I felt suffocated and out of place,” recalled Samarth Mahajan. This young Kgpian decided to tread a different path, making non-fiction films that touch lives. Mahajan’s film ‘Borderlands’ recently won Best Editing for a Non-Feature Film at the 68th National Film Awards 2022. In a message to the Foundation Mahajan shared the role of Borderlands in the polarised times as he tries to bridge intellectual differences with emotional bridges through the film.

Let's Hear From the Women of KGP

A couple of months back we did a story on the missing women in STEM. Every week we seek stories about our alumna. Until then we will try to bring you stories from girls on campus. This week we have with us  Devaki Nandana Vardhineedi, the first female student Vice President of Technology Students Gymkhana, who found her way to IIT KGP from Hyderabad Telangana. While we bring you their stories, you can connect with us to support the initiatives to promote gender equity in STEM and IIT KGP.

Purang Dang Umpiring at the New England Choice Awards 2022

Veteran Kgpian Puran Dang has worn many hats, entrepreneur, founder of many organizations of international repute, community leader, and life fellow. Recently Dang joined the judges’ panel for the New England Choice Awards. Dang was among the 13-member jury from diverse backgrounds. The awards will be conferred on November 19, 2022, at Hilton Woburn Hotel in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Breaking Barriers is my Favorite Hobby -

Atal Ashutosh Agarwal

Imagine you are kayaking in Lake Tahoe and the kayak flips, you don’t know swimming and floating seems impossible in the ice-cold water with legs almost frozen. That was Kgpian Atal Agarwal when he was struggling for his breath last Summer. It was not very different from when he was told he can’t become the Gymkhana VP because his height was short. Recently, Atal has swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco, finished Ironman 70.3 race, biked 3000 miles, and climbed Mt Whitney in California. Atal is now on a new mission — raising awareness around mental health through fitness and spiritual lifestyle something he believes is the need of his generation and his fellow juniors.

Glimpse from the Festival of IIT KGP -

Illumination & Rangoli

This week we bring you glimpses of the very own festival of IIT KGP courtesy of Click Kgp. Also, the winner of Illumination 2022 — the Azadians. Send us photos of your celebrations, and let’s cheer together.


IIT Kharagpur made us successful. It's time to give back!

Express your Gratitude with a Generous Attitude for your alma mater …Donate! 

Your donation is tax deductible. 

The IITKGP Foundation is Tax-Exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) in the United States (Federal ID: 47-0747227). Your donation is tax deductible. 


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