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Is healthcare the future for the IITs and its alumni? From setting up an oncology image bank with Tata Medical Center to US patent grant for the diagnostic technology COVIRAP, IIT Kharagpur has been making significant leaps in the healthcare domain. This week we bring you the news about healthcare developments by IIT KGP and Kgpians.

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Kgpian Sajal Ghoshal Helps Develop Healthcare Technology for Astronauts

Advanced TeleSensors, led by Kgpian Sajal Ghoshal, has developed a non-intrusive cardiac monitor that will be used to regulate astronauts’ health in space. In 2017, Ghoshal joined the team of developers leading the fundraising initiatives. He was fascinated by the new developments and government and private investments in space. At ATS, Ghoshal led a fundraising effort of $2 million that achieved convenience and economy in product design. For future developments Ghoshal is aiming for — wait you might have seen it in the Star Trek series — triple medical tricorder.  

Are Medicine and Biomedical Sciences the Future of the IITs?

When IIT Kharagpur introduced the idea of medical education in 2007, it was novelty in an education system that has a global reputation for its excellence in science, technology, and management. While the medical program is yet to begin, OPD services have been initiated at the superspeciality hospital of IIT Kharagpur serving an extensive catchment area across several states. Kgp paved the way for making another transformation — medical education at the IITs.

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Kgpian Led Startup Intugine Raises Venture Funding

Intugine, a real-time multimodal supply chain visibility startup, has raised ₹ 19 crore. Intugine, co-founded by Kgpians Harshit Shrivastava (2016) and Ayush Agrawal (2018), is the only real-time multimodal supply chain visibility enabler in India. In 2020, the Kgpians played a pivotal role during the pandemic using their flagship product ‘Mobile Number Location Tracking’. They claim to use their location intelligence platform for SMS-based user content for all cell phone types.

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