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This week we bring you the news about two unique fatherhood — one who has been designated as the father of rocketry in the Indian private space sector and the other story about a father who welcomed his newborn recently, among other news.

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Pawan Kumar Chandana Boosting India's Space Power

On November 18 India set another milestone in space technology as the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched Vikram-S, India’s first privately developed rocket. But as a Kgpian you have got something more to celebrate — the father of rocketry in the Indian private space sector of your fellow Kgpian Pawan Kumar Chandana. Skyroot Aerospace co-founded by Chandana built Vikram-S. Chandana says his interest — and obsession — in rockets came while he was at IIT Kharagpur.

64th Spring Fest - Theme and More

This January, get ready for the biggest celebration of IIT Kharagpur — Spring Fest 2023. The team released the official theme of the 64th edition of the event. The prelims were conducted in 11 cities with participation in Dance, Drama, Music, Fashion, and Literary events. The elimination rounds will be conducted in six cities.

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Father First - Who Is Ankit Joshi? The Man Who Quit His Job for His Newborn

The news that made headlines this week is about Kgpian Ankit Joshi, the corporate leader who quit his job to care for his newborn. Recently Joshi joined a housing company in India as the Executive Vice President while welcoming the birth of his first child Spiti. These dual developments put him at the edge of the challenge that many new parents face — paternity leave or the lack of it.

Are Engineers Career-Ready or Not? Kgpian Speaks

Change is inevitable with the rapid digital transformation seen in every sector and the students have high expectations from organizations writes India Today. Hari G, a fourth-year student at IIT Kharagpur points out the challenge.

November is the Time to Give.

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