Season's Greetings and Annual Appeal from IIT Kharagpur


Dear Alumni of IIT Kharagpur:

As we enter the holiday season and 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to reach out and update you on a few things that the IITKGP Foundation has accomplished over the past year.

  • International Internships--The Foundation awarded 14 student's scholarships to pursue international internships at leading colleges/universities around the world! The international universities included MIT, Caltech, Cambridge, and Karlsruhe among others. This program will continue in the future. You can read the intern's experiences and project reports here. (International Internship Awardee Reports)
  • Ambulance/Wellness Program--A state-of-the-art ambulance was delivered to campus in late April. In addition to the purchase of the ambulance, this campaign is still collecting funds to kick off a wider wellness initiative on campus.
  • Alumni Clock Tower--A new Alumni Clock Tower project has just started in the second circle on the main road. The Clock Tower will serve as a beacon and welcome to those visiting KGP!
  • Chair Professorship in Center for Petroleum Engineering--In a first for the IIT system, Shion Deysarkar, son of Asoke Deysarkar ('71) and Ruma Acharya Deysarkar ('73) made a donation of Rs. 2 Crore to start a Chair Professorship in the Center for Petroleum Engineering.
  • Chandralekha Singh and Jeremy Levy Student Excellence Awards--These student excellence awards were set up by Dr. Chandralekha Singh (KGP, '88) and her husband, Dr. Jeremy Levy to support undergraduate students. Awards for 2018 were made to Prajwal Singhania and Shubham Jena.
  • AKS (Ajay Kumar Singh) Endowment Fund--The batch of 1993 created a chair professorship in memory of their batchmate, Ajay Kumar Singh, who lost his life in the line of duty as an IPS Officer. The professorship will award 6 new/existing teachers at KGP for 2 years each. The first chair was awarded to Prof. Pallab Dasgupta for the new Center for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Partha S Ghosh Academy of Leadership--A new academy is being set up Partha S Ghosh ('71) and KGP that will develop leadership programs combining curriculum in science and engineering with philosophy, reasoning, and liberal arts.
  • Center for the Arts (SandHI)--A new center is in the planning stages for encouraging development of the Social Arts.
  • Shiven Malhotra's SandHI Donation--Shiven Malhotra, son of Arjun Malhotra ('70), made a donation of $73,500 towards the SandHI Center for the Arts.
  • Prof. A.S. Davis Chair Professorship--Vinod Gupta ('67) set up a chair professorship in honor of Prof. A.S. Davis, an associate professor in Thermodynamics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Warden of R.K. Hall.
  • KGP Delegation Visits--In September a delegation from KGP, including Director P P Chakrabarti, traveled to the US to visit with universities for collaboration, meet with prospective faculty, and hold alumni meets. The trip took them to Washington, D.C., Boston, Miami, Houston, and San Jose.

As you can see from this lengthy list, the Foundation has been working hard to make an impact on the success of their alma mater!

We want to thank you for your generosity and support. Your contributions to IITKGP allow us to assist with the above initiatives and continue to introduce new programs to drive our ongoing success and reputation as a world-class institution.

If you have a proposal for a fundraising initative, would like to help us with future initiatives, or want to become more involved with the Foundation please drop us a line at info@iitkgpfoundation.org. We are always looking for more "champions" of KGP.

The IITKGP Foundation is an IRS authorized 501(c)(3) entity and your donations may be tax deductible under the US Law.

You can make a donation online now:






To send a check, you can mail to the following address:

IITKGP Foundation

PO Box 27183

Omaha, NE 68127

(Note: make sure to list your donation intentions in the memo line or include a note with your check.)

Best wishes to you and your family for the upcoming holiday season,

Ron S. Gupta (Arch., 1970, NH)           Erin L. Moran

President                                                 Executive Director

IIT Kharagpur Foundation of USA        IIT Kharagpur Foundation of USA

rongupta@aol.com                                 emoran@iitkgpfoundation.org


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